Go Millie!

Millie’s been to the eye doctor’s again this afternoon and has returned without her glasses on.

No, they weren’t stolen: she no longer needs her glasses! 😀

Her squint has almost completely healed, and the glasses were partly to help with that, so, since the prescription for her glasses is so low, she no longer has to wear them all the time.  She will continue to wear them for some things (things that involve long periods of concentration, apparently) but for the rest of the time she doesn’t need them.

It’s going to be strange seeing her without glasses – we’ve become so used to them that her face looks a bit bare without them, and as a glasses wearer myself I’m back to being in the minority at home.

In other news, my Dad has just rung to say that they’ve had the results back from some of the more in-depth tests looking at Trev’s organs for any abnormalities that might have led to his death.

They haven’t found anything.

My dad wants to take the report to Papworth when he goes there for his next check-up on his heart transplant. He wants to see if they can explain some of the obscure medical terminology and perhaps even offer their opinion as to whether my dad’s problems that led to him needing his heart transplant might have led to Trev’s death.

Personally, I don’t think they’ll have anything new to add but it’s certainly worth asking.

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that we’ll never know what caused Trev’s death; that it’s just one of those things: a stroke of million-to-one bad luck that might have happened to anyone, but chanced tragically upon Trev.


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