The weekend

Now that was a busy weekend!

Friday night we stayed in and watched The Social Network on DVD, but we were up early Saturday to go swimming.  The usual fun ensued with the girls scampering round the pool laughing, splashing and jumping in while the Lovely Melanie and I tried to stop them going too crazy and hurting themselves.

The afternoon we spent in the garden and the woods.  Me painting the damn fence while everyone else had fun. 😦

My fun came in the evening, however, when I went out with friends to People’s Republic of Disco in Brixton for a well-earned night of drinking and dancing. I really felt as though I needed something like this – a chance to cut loose, laugh, smile and just forget about all the sadness of the past couple of months – and by the time the evening came I was practically champing at the bit to get out of the house.  The bit got even more thoroughly champed when the tube was all buggered up and I had to walk from North Clapham back to Brixton.  It was a nice clear night, however, with a “super moon” to light the way, so all was well that ended well.  The only real difference was that my first pint got sunk in record time!

And by golly, after that first pint there was plenty of drinking and dancing done!  To the point where a friend turned to me at one point and asked if I knew what the time was.  I probably rolled my eyes and said something like “Blarrrrgh?!” but it turned out to be 4.30am!  With that realisation we staggered out shortly afterwards.  Probably just as well – I wasn’t terribly much good for anything yesterday and my muscles are still sore and aching from all the dancing. 😦

I might not quite be too old for this sort of thing yet, but the recovery times are certainly lengthening.

While I laid in bed the Lovely Melanie took the girls to the shops and got Millie some new glasses.  That might seem a slightly odd thing to given that I said Millie didn’t need glasses any more, but what Millie doesn’t need is to wear glasses all the time any more.  And she gets free glasses on the NHS so we thought we may as well take advantage of that before the coalition government snatches even that right away from children, too.  I haven’t seen the new glasses yet, but I’m informed they’re like Harry Potter glasses.  But pink.

When they got home from getting the new glasses Millie came upstairs and gave me a kiss and a cuddle, which made me feel a little better.  Then she lay down next to me and had a nap with me.  It didn’t get rid of my hangover but it did make the whole thing a bit more bearable.

I’m working from home today because of an appointment at the doctor’s today for an echocardiogram and ECG.  Following Trev’s death you may remember that this was strongly recommended for immediate family members.  Fortunately the echocardiogram showed no abnormalities and I’ve just got to wait 7-10 days for the ECG results.  Fingers crossed about those, then.


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