Millie still doesn’t quite understand Trev’s death.

She was talking to the Lovely Melanie yesterday about how all her wishes had come true because she and Amber had such a beautiful dolls house. Apparently she had wished for exactly that and lo, there it was!

In something of a logical leap of faith she then said that all of her wishes came true – which the Lovely Melanie was pleased to hear, obviously, but a little skeptical about.

I expect,” she continued enthusiastically, “that if I wished for Uncle Trev to come back he would.

At which point the Lovely Melanie effectively slammed on the brakes, explaining that, no, he really wouldn’t.

But I’m inclined to let Millie keep on trying because I wish for the same thing every day.

Conny’s coming to stay with us tonight and we’re going to see Chas & Dave in Dartford, which should be fun.  It’ll be lovely to have Conny stay with us, too – it’s terribly important to us that we see her as often as possible.

Amber’s been on the phone to her all morning already, confirming that she’s definitely coming, is taking the train, that she’ll be here in 20 hours and will be sleeping in Amber’s room.

And in case this confuses Conny, who has patently not been on the phone all morning, I should point out that Amber quite often has long fictional chats on the phone with people!

She’s obviously been watching us and learning from imitation because she looks and sounds so very grown-up all the time she’s doing it!

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