Thanks, Chas & Dave!

Chas & Dave were seriously good fun to watch last night!  I thought they’d be quite good and there’d probably be points where unfamiliar songs we sat tight for unfamiliar songs…

But no; they were top-quality entertainment for the whole time we were there – especially towards the end when people had a couple of drinks inside them and the hits just seemed to keep coming and coming!  And they dedicated a song to Trev, too, something I know he’d would’ve enjoyed.

We don’t know what the song actually was unfortunately, and Conny didn’t recognise it either, but the mere fact that they did it was enough for us.  Conny was a bit overcome by this unexpected gesture, but hopefully in a nice way.

Conny & Dave

I didn’t want to mention it before because I know Conny reads this blog, but as soon as were booked for the gig I went on to the Chas & Dave website and sent them an email explaining that we were all coming to see them, about the tragedy of Trev’s recent death, how he was a big fan of theirs (to the point where he and Conny had seriously looked into booking them for their wedding!) and asking if they could maybe dedicate a song to him during the gig as it would mean a lot to us, but especially, it would mean a lot to Conny.

I got home from work that evening, proudly told the Lovely Melanie my master plan – and this is one of the many reasons why I love her!  Because she’d had exactly the same idea and emailed Chas & Dave, too!

Conny & Chas

However, we didn’t hear anything back from them until yesterday afternoon when one of their people emailed to say that he’d pass the message along and it shouldn’t be a problem.

So thank you, Chas & Dave. Thank you very much. 🙂

And thank you for signing Conny’s Chas & Dave songbook and having your photo taken with her after the show, too.

I’d love to write a bit more about last night – and I would if I wasn’t so tired from work.  The new website I’m writing goes live next week and I’m working flat out to get it finished in time.

I’m so tired that I’ve only spent half an hour playing Crysis 2, which arrived today and has blown me away with its graphics and gameplay.

This is the kind of thing I paid a lot of money for a state-of-the-art PC and graphics card for.  Nice to see it was worth it!  No doubt there’s going to be a good few hours spent gaming over the coming weeks…

Although not tomorrow, as we’re taking the girls on their first ever demonstration.  And it’s a biggie – the massive demonstration against the government’s massive, brutally unnecessary cuts to the public sector.

Fingers crossed we don’t get kettled (that was bad enough when it was just the Lovely Melanie and myself), and fingers crossed we don’t get charged or attacked by the police.  I’m not in the least bit worried about my fellow demonstrators – it’s the supposed forces of law and order that, sad to say, I don’t trust to have my best interests at heart…

Look out for me on the news tomorrow – I’ll be wearing my new Chas & Dave “Margate” T-shirt!

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