Marching against the cuts

As you can see from the previous entry, we’ve been out protesting against the cuts today.

Marching against the cuts

It was a little different from the usual demo experience, mainly because there was such a remarkable cross-section of society out marching.  I’ve never been on a march with so many old people, families, and children.  All the usual suspects were there, too, but everywhere you looked there were mothers with babies, elderly couples, dads pushing buggies, etc.

Which made it all the more annoying when we got back home – tired, cold and footsore, but pleased we’d gone – to find the TV news basically ignoring that fact and focusing on the vanishingly small minority who engaged in some rather more direct action.  We were there for four hours today and we didn’t see a single incidence of trouble or vandalism.

Not a single one!

We’d had a lovely day out – the girls enjoyed themselves, we did and saw lots of things that we’d never normally do or see, we laughed, we cheered, we marched (and I got complimented on my banner many times).

So we were astonished to be told by the BBC that we’d apparently been in the middle of some kind of violent and dangerous anarchist riot.

I say “astonished” – what I actually mean is “absolutely disgusted to find such a positive and popular day so completely misrepresented in the name of so-called news reporting“.

Shame on you, BBC.

The only redeeming feature of the BBC coverage was seeing some graffiti that used the F-word almost continually (and unavoidably) in shot on a live broadcast!

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