Poor Millie

Poor Millie, she spends a day surrounded by dangerous anarchists without suffering so much as a scratch. A day in the garden, however, has left her with a nasty cut under her left eye following a fall onto the front door step.

I was weeding the front garden as she ran back into the house; I heard her wail and turned to see her sprawled by the door. Presuming she’d hurt her knee again (it was the second time this had happened) I scooped her up and checked her legs but they were fine. Then I looked at her face and blood was just beginning to well up from an alarmingly deep cut under her eye.

My hands were covered in mud so I had to shout for the Lovely Melanie to come and help.   Fortunately there was relatively little blood from such a deep cut and Millie, our big brave girl, quickly calmed down.

But she had to have the plaster replaced three times before bed, as every time blood kept soaking through them. I even woke her up to check it before I went to bed (it was OK).

This morning we changed the plaster again before school and that seems to have done the trick.

A long-suffering Millie sighed as she told me that she was going to have to explain to everyone in her class why she had a plaster under one eye today.

Sure enough, the first two children in the playground this morning asked exactly that, and Millie looked up at me with a weary smile that said, “See? What did I tell you?

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