The big lie about the cuts

Why are so many people convinced by the government line that “we have to cut everything and we have to cut it now“?

Why are so many people so eager to believe that we need to decimate the lives and livelihoods of millions across the country?

Why have so many people forgotten that it was the richest people in the country who caused the recession?

And finally, why are so few people angry that the richest people in the country (those who caused the recession, remember) are not suffering at all because of it?  Why are people blaming Gordon Brown or Labour or the LibDems, in fact everybody except those who actually caused this recession?

How are they getting away with the biggest con trick of modern times – the lie that we can somehow no longer afford to be a decent, caring society?

Because that’s what all you supporters of the cuts really mean.

Behind all your lies about paying the debt and being “realistic” what you’re actually saying is that supporting the sick, the old and the less fortunate members of our society is too expensive – we can no longer afford to behave like decent, civilised human beings.

And that’s why I marched on Saturday: because that idea utterly disgusts me.

One comment

  1. I know I am a bit late to respond to this, but I just have to because the comment you make about supporting people with social care need being too expensive hits such a nerve – I hate when it is assumed people who march are just worried about their jobs. I did not march because my job might be cut. I have skills I can transfer to another job and I can move on. I was marching for my clients because they are not so lucky as to have the opportunities I have. Every day at the moment when I go into work I feel as if all the values and opportunities we have spent years developing for people to try and inch closer to equality (in this case people with learning disabilities) are rapidly being crushed. This isn’t a loud crushing bringing people racing to defend the values and opportunities, instead they are being quietly ushered out of the door with a fertive look and a finger to the lips. It’ll be ok though because the Big Society will save the day……there is nothing I can say to show the full depth of my scepticism. I wish people would not just listen to politicians, but go and find out what is happening in their area for themselves, see what happens to front line services and ask front line staff what the impact of the rhetoric and cuts policy really is. I am marching again on the 11th May – it is a work day, maybe I can borrow Millie’s sign.


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