Writing. And writing. And writing.

Not much posting at the moment because I’m so busy writing at work. By the time I get home in the evenings I’m all written out!

The website for a large recruitment company that I’ve been writing, then re-writing, then re-re-writing and finally re-re-re-writing goes live on Thursday and despite all the time spent writing (not to mention learning how to write for a proper commercial website!) there’s still plenty of writing to be done.  There are emails and promotional pieces and guides and articles and blog entries and all the little scraps of text you find around any large website – they all need to be written by the web editor, and that’s me.  Hello.

Actually, I’m not a web editor any more, my job title recently changed to SEO Content Manager – the first time I’ve ever had “Manager” in a job title.  Quite what the SEO is there for, though, I don’t know.  I’m doing bugger-all SEO.

After Thursday things will hopefully return to normal.  Until then I’d just like to apologise to my Mum for being so crap on Mothers Day yesterday.  I made the journey to Swindon to be there on Mothers Day because I thought that, following Trev’s death, my Mum might benefit a little from me being there.

And she may well have done if I hadn’t got stupidly carried away at a great party the night before and been hideously hungover next morning.

And afternoon.

And well into the evening. 😦

Sorry, Mum.

In my defence, it is probably what Trev would have done…


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