Two girls best. Apparently.

Two girls makes for the happiest family, apparently.  You wouldn’t have known it in our house this morning.

Millie’s touching me!

Amber’s within three miles of my bedroom!

Millie’s violating my airspace!

Amber’s not heeding the terms of the UN convention on human rights!

Millie’s genetic code is the same as mine!

Amber exists at all!


In other news, Millie got her interim school report the other day which had its good and bad points.  The good points were all to Millie’s credit: she tries extremely hard, particularly in Reading and Writing, slightly less so in Arithmetic.

The bad, such as they are, is that while she’s doing just fine in Reading she’s behind in both Writing and Arithmetic.  I felt bad for the poor girl when I read this.  Overwhelmingly proud that she’s trying so hard, but slightly sad that her results weren’t reflecting this.

These are the times when I remind myself about Millie’s rough start in life and that she’s technically over a year younger than some in her class.  I wasn’t sad about Millie – don’t misunderstand this – she’s a happy little girl, bright as a button, and her school are recognising that it’s not lack of effort holding her back, rather I was sad for her.

But the Lovely Melanie, wise as ever, pointed out that sheer effort will take you an awfully long way in life, and as long as Millie’s trying then she’ll be fine. 🙂



  1. Hi Stu, don’t worry one little bit. She is an amazing little girl with bags of confidence and very intelligent. There are very few 5 year olds who use the words ‘for example’ in a sentence or who can organise a group of 10 or more adults into a game of ‘colours running around’ (I think that’s what she called it?).

    Her confidence, bright personality and sheer determination will take her a very long way, she is very sociable and very likeable and all this at 5 years old, I’m very envious! xx

    • I had an experience of a school report recently with my niece Isobel (she is the 8 year old). In the main it was great but one of the goals was to try and speak up more in class. Isobel looked a bit dejected and said ‘I always get that because I let other people speak more’ and it is true she always has, but she is a quiet girl and sometimes shy in some enviroments. I then said something like ‘It is something you can work on, but it is ok because even if you are always happy to let others speak and don’t want to speak up in class you will be ok because there are lots of quiet successful people in the world’. Isobel looked at me then and responded as if no one had ever said something like this to her before and said ‘Quiet people like me? Good’ and gave me a massive cuddle. It was a rather special moment for me. Reports should not only set goals, but also remind children it is ok to have your own personality. I wonder if Isobel’s teacher has ever seen her on a stage where she takes over and lacks no confidence – just like some of our best loved actors/actresses, quiet in their own lives, but alive when performing.

      What I am saying is, I agree with Sarah

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