Entries on this site have gotten a little less frequent lately, I don’t know if anyone has noticed?  There’s no particular reason for this – in fact, I’ve been racking my brains to figure out why this should be so.  I’m tempted to put it down to Trev’s death and a lack of motivation to blog in the wake of that.

I have noticed that the other two Carter Family blogs (Koolaid For Beginners and The Foghorn Bloghorn) are also suffering similar slowdowns in services.

For me writing (ntbcw) The Truth has always been a mix of diary, information service and therapy (and online CV when looking for work) – those are the three (stroke four) consistent motivations behind my blogging over the years.  They swap around a bt as circumstances dictate – the “information service” coming to the fore when, for example, having a baby, diary when life’s just ticking along, and therapy when something shocking happens/is happening, such as my Dad’s heart transplant or Trev’s death.

More on this later (hopefully) – Millie is outside my bedroom door asking when breakfast is going to be…


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