Easter Holiday fun #2

More fun in the sun for Millie and myself today as we headed down to beautiful Foots Cray, a 20-minute walk from our house.  The temperatures hit a scorching 24 degrees C so we were both dressed in t-shirts, shorts, hats and lashings of factor-50 sun cream.

Fortunately Foots Cray has the shallow River Cray running through it, and Millie spent most of her time paddling about in there, apparently fascinated by the spectacle of free running water and the other boys and girls larking about.

I joined her a few times and we went right up to the waterfall, as you can hopefully see in the picture.  Millie was a bit unsure about it at first, but after seeing me stick hands and feet into it with nary a thought for my personal safety she was quickly soaking wet and laughing her head off about it.

As Millies traditionally do, she stripped down to her pants when we got back to shore, scampering about in just sun hat, sun glasses and Princess pants.

We had lunch by the river, played “catch”, blew/chased bubbles, napped and explored for the best part of three hours.  We might have stayed longer but I’d mislaid our water bottle on the way there (don’t ask) and we had to go and collect Amber from nursery, so about three o’clock we headed for home: tired, thirsty and – miraculously – not sunburnt.

Tomorrow I’m back to the harsh realities of work after two idyllic sun-kissed days.  I wish Trev could have been here to enjoy them and can all too easily imagine him doing exactly that…

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