Easter Holiday fun #3

Fun, but not by me. 😦

Whats this? Who knows?!

The Lovely Melanie took Millie to the O2 yesterday to see DINOSAURS UNLEASHED!!!  It was apparently very impressive – and looks quite impressive in the photos she took on her phone.  Millie’s photos don’t look quite so impressive, unfortunately, because she’s yet to learn that moving the camera while snapping makes for bad pictures.  It seems to have been quite dark inside DINOSAURS UNLEASHED!!! so many of Millie’s photos, whilst possessing a cloudy fragility all their own are not very informative of what was on display.

I was back at work yesterday, for a single day in the office this week (I was working from home today).  Remember I said I’d written the website and it was done?  Well, that was a little premature of me.

I’ve been receiving emails thick and fast from Legal and other departments asking who gave us permission to use company logos on the site? (Answer=er, um, I don’t know , sir; sorry, sir; it won’t happen again, sir) or who the hell signed off on this text?!!! (Answer=your assistant did because you were too busy and too important to look at a mere webpage).

Never mind, I worked today sat in T-shirt and shorts (or, earlier on, nothing at all!) and had the house to myself while the Lovely Melanie took both girls to…


Yes, that’s probably enough shouting now, I think.

Millie and Amber both loved BATTER- er, I mean, Battersea Park Children’s Zoo.  It’s been done up a bit since they were last there a couple of years back, and the “Zoo” part has been de-emphasised in favour of the “Park” and “Children”.  They’ve all come home absolutely knackered and I can hear them having stories read next door even as I write this.

I’m relieved of story duty tonight because I’m manning the helpline for BLISS.

And tomorrow, I get to eat my Easter Egg.





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