You’ll regret that when you’re older

As mentioned previously Amber has a tendency to show off her tummy and, unavoidably, her pants in public.  But then, she’s only three.

Millie’s almost six now and still prone to the occasional flash, although seldom quite as deliberately as on the bus this morning.

Amber was sat in the buggy with her tummy out, as usual.  I was wiggling a finger far above her, bringing it slowly down to tickle her (you could watch her stomach suck in as I moved my finger lower without ever touching her!)  No pants however, because she had a skirt on.

However, upon turning round I saw Millie’s tummy before me, the difference being that her school uniform is a dress so it was round her shoulders, displaying her pants for everyone on the bus to see.

As a parent you don’t want to go scarring your offspring for life by making a big song and dance out of this sort of thing so I blinked in surprise before casually saying, “Put your pants away, Millie.  Oh, look – a red car out the window!

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