Wild weekend

I’m back from Minehead, from an All Tomorrow’s Parties festival that’s already being called “a classic ATP!” by those who were there.

We didn’t see many bands, to be honest, but I did go swimming (twice!) for the first time in nine years of going to ATP’s at holiday camps.  Trev and Conny did it last year and said it was great, so this year I decided to continue that family tradition in their absence.  Saturday I was rather badly hungover so being pushed around a swimming pool by currents and not having to move was intensely therapeutic.  Sunday I wasn’t hungover and it was still marvellous.

So, if we didn’t see that many bands and I only went swimming twice what did we do??  Well, there was a gang of twelve of us there so mostly we drank, we chatted, we joked, we laughed and we just enjoyed being in the company of friends.  If there’s one thing that Trev’s loss has taught me it’s to appreciate good times and good friends. 

The photo above is from Sunday, when an enjoyable roast dinner in a Minehead pub turned into a marathon all-afternoon drinking session.  The sun was hot, the pub was nice and the White Zinfandel that I drank all afternoon was delicious.  It was perfect.

There are loads of photos from the weekend on Flickr, but if you weren’t there then they’ll just look like any old bunch of thirtysomethings getting drunk and having a whale of a time.

The only sad thing about it was wondering, afterwards, what we’re going to do in 2012 since this was the last ATP (or the last one they’ll be doing in Spring, at least).



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