Monkeying around

We took the girls to the nearby swings yesterday and I was struck by how differently Millie plays on all the apparatus compared with Amber.

Small children look to be be in continual danger of falling off things but they’re also fairly hesitant in letting go or climbing too high.  Amber’s still like this – as though she hasn’t quite grasped the laws of physics fully yet. Millie, on the other hand, now swings around with wild abandon and is quite happy to cling on with only her hands – no footholds at all.  She’s figured out that launching herself in a certain way will lead to swinging in a certain direction and landing in a certain spot.

In fact, that’s probably the difference between her and Amber – Millie can predict what will happen: that what seems a fairly reckless action actually has very predictable consequences and is perfectly safe (assuming you hold on tightly!)

It’s also nice to see the relatively timid Amber learning from Millie’s example and happily climbing to the very top of (some) of the apparatus.  The Lovely Melanie pointed out that the two of them are proper little friends now, that they play together very happily most of the time.  When Millie was small we had to play with her a great deal more than we do with Amber, which makes the Lovely Melanie feel a bit guilty, but Millie only had us to play with.  Amber has Millie to play with so they don’t need us to be there all of the time.

As the Lovely Melanie said with a crazed glint in her eye – soon we’ll be able to sit down and read a book while they play!  Imagine that – reading in the daytime while the kids are awake!!  Ha ha!!!

Even as I write this they’re playing Princess dollies together outside the bedroom, completely independent of my input.

Hell, now I’m feeling a bit guilty that they’re not getting more of my attention!


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