Sometimes it takes a vista of an extraordinary galaxy some 12 million light-years away to remind you of how small you and your problems are in comparison to the size of the universe.

This is Centaurus A, which has twin particle jets, each a million light-years long, squirting out from its centre at a third of the speed of light.


You don’t take a picture like this with a single telescope.  This picture combined nine different radio telescopes into a single mighty instrument as big as the entire planet, thus achieving the resolution necessary to pick out objects as small as 15 light-days in size.

The smallest things you can see in this pictures are still 15 times the size of our entire solar system. A length like that boggles the mind.

This is the kind of thing I like to think about when thoughts of Trev get me down – just how vast and amazing the universe is.

Seriously. I have no idea why, but thinking about twin particle jets a million light-years long each…does.  Perhaps because I know that Trev would have been similarly amazed.

That’s one of the astonishing things about being human: whilst we can mourn the loss of a brother we can also look in wonder at objects like Centaurus A.

Both of them are part of our world, of our tiny little consciousness; and while we might imagine we understand them we can’t truly grasp either.

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