As the most authoritative report yet says mobile phones pose a health risk, the cold, hard facts on mobiles and cancer

Silly Daily Mail.

Silly, misleading, scare-mongering, upsetting, desperate-to-sell-papers and just plain untruthful Daily Mail.


Because in the real, actually-existing world where people check facts before screaming that something is going to give you cancer it turns out that your mobile phone is “possibly carcinogenic to humans. There is limited evidence in humans that it causes cancer and the evidence from animal studies is less than sufficient” (taken from NHS Choices).

Which means mobile phones are in the same “lethal” category as pickled vegetables, printer inks, and coffee.



  1. It’s easy for you to say that, but you haven’t had your brain ravaged by bird flu and mad cow’s disease or – as today’s front pages tell me – cucumber-based e-coli which is, as we speak, bringing a new Black Death to white middle class Christians in the Home Counties as well as other less important people. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

  2. Asylum seekers! It’s their fault. Or was it the past Labour government and its puppet masters, the trade unions? One of the two.

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