..the girls’ chances of ever going to university slip further and further away.

Thanks to everyone who voted Tory at the last election – you’ve just killed the opportunity of a university education for my children and tens of thousands like them.

No, really, thanks.

And as VicViper says in the Comments section:

The Tories and LibDems aren’t just making “cuts”, they are dismantling entire swathes of public services. However, in the case of Higher Education it is a public service that the rich actually use, so their tactic seems to be to limit access to those with wealth.

Academic merit is a thing of the past, it seems.


One thought on “Meanwhile…

  1. lurid tales of doom June 7, 2011 / 4:08 pm

    Sorry to hear this, it’s truly heartbreaking to think of all the people who’s chances of going to university have been stolen away. I am a student now, and I have heard many of the people here express similar thoughts, that they may be the last people in their families who will be able to go to University for a long time. All the Tory assurances of ‘we’re all in this together’ are ringing more hollow than ever. 😦

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