..the girls’ chances of ever going to university slip further and further away.

Thanks to everyone who voted Tory at the last election – you’ve just killed the opportunity of a university education for my children and tens of thousands like them.

No, really, thanks.

And as VicViper says in the Comments section:

The Tories and LibDems aren’t just making “cuts”, they are dismantling entire swathes of public services. However, in the case of Higher Education it is a public service that the rich actually use, so their tactic seems to be to limit access to those with wealth.

Academic merit is a thing of the past, it seems.


One comment

  1. Sorry to hear this, it’s truly heartbreaking to think of all the people who’s chances of going to university have been stolen away. I am a student now, and I have heard many of the people here express similar thoughts, that they may be the last people in their families who will be able to go to University for a long time. All the Tory assurances of ‘we’re all in this together’ are ringing more hollow than ever. 😦

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