Another one in our informal snappily titled series “Ordinary Everyday Parenting Stuff That You Never Think About But Are Going To Miss When It’s Gone“.

Come to think of it, that pretty much describes about three-quarters of the material on this site!

Today: storytime.

The Lovely Melanie (usually) reads both girls a story or two of their choice at bedtime every night (although, on Saturdays at the moment Millie is usually choosing to forgo this in favour of watching the end of the James Bond films they’re showing on Saturday evenings).

But just so Storytime is not lost forever here’s a short film of Millie ’nuffling while the Lovely Melanie reads Roald Dahl‘s Matilda.

Geeks out there may be interested to note that that film was taken on my insanely brilliant Galaxy S2 phone. You can watch it in 720HD if you want (start the video playing and change the 360p next to the progress bar to 720HD), and that’s not even the maximum video resolution it can take! (I’m waiting till I get a bigger memory card so I can handle those big full-HD files…)


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