The riches of reason

I think it is a pity to live your life in ignorance and embrace that ignorance – for instance with ideas like intelligent design.  We live in a world that is entirely powered by reason: everything in your office and my house exists because of reason.  It is a very odd world where people reject reason and yet benefit from the riches of reason.

Robin Ince in this week’s New Scientist.

And, despite some alarmist comments and emails about the wisdom of putting two gerbils in the same cage together, Sparkle and Brownie have, in fact, made friends.

They’re presently curled up next to each other in a little nest in their little cage looking as snug as two bugs in a rug.


One comment

  1. Congrats! Maybe it’s because your gerbils are young. I tried introducing a new gerbil to an established one and they nearly killed each other! Don’t try it with older ones later. 😉

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