Horrid Henry

The girls have been busy these last few days, not least getting excited about Millie’s forthcoming sixth birthday party (the one for friends – family are invited the weekend after) and choosing what to wear.

Then changing their minds and choosing again.

And again.

Millie impressed me this morning by managing not just to start playing Horrid Henry on the computer all by herself but by managing to play Horrid Henry all by herself.

Horrid Henry is a computer game for kids based – obviously – upon the character Horrid Henry.  I bought it for her about a year ago when she became interested in watching me play computer games and wanted a game that she could play herself.

So we had a look around and bought her Horrid Henry.

Now, getting Horrid Henry started is not quite as simple as clicking on an icon: you have to start Steam, the gaming platform, which takes about 30 seconds to get going, and then click on the icon in there.  But Millie’s mastered that (actually, thinking about it, if she has mastered that then I’d better put a lock on some on the scary games in there like Deadspace, Left4Dead 2 and Crysis 2…).

As I say, what impressed me this morning was that she could play the game without me there to help.

Previously when we’ve played games together she hasn’t had the understanding or the co-ordination to use more than one key on the keyboard at a time.  If she wanted Henry to run left she would lift up a pointy finger, hover over the keyboard and then press the key for left; but if she needed to jump over a spider (you have to jump over spiders, among other things, in Horrid Henry) then she invariably failed because she had to lift her finger off left, find jump and then press it – with the same finger.

By the time Millie pressed jump the spider was long gone.

I showed her a few times how to use more than one finger and explained that I left my fingers on the keys at all times, but she just didn’t get it.  Which is why this morning I was surprised to see her get straight through to level four on Horrid Henry without me even being in the room!

She hasn’t quite mastered using a keyboard to play games yet (and hasn’t even begun to use a mouse at the same time) but she’s well on her way.

She and Amber love to play on the computer in the mornings these days.  They both sit there in the big white swivel chair and Millie will do the technical stuff while Amber sits there and watches in amazement as stories, games, cartoons and pictures are produced seemingly from nowhere.

Personally, I’m just happy that there’s another gamer in the family. 😀

Well, at the moment I am.  Give her a year or two and she’ll probably be whupping my ass!

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