Supernatural subterranean shenanigans, lack of

I was hoping to make a decent entry out of the weekend’s goings-on…but that’s probably not going to happen, I’m afraid.

Millie and I went to the fascinating Chislehurst Caves with my friend R Kelly on Saturday (Amber went with to the South Bank for a dinner date with the Lovely Melanie).  The caves are only a short bus ride away but this was the first time we’d been there – correction, been in there.  We did visit once before a couple of years back but were told they probably weren’t suitable for the girls.  But now we’re back – and we’re bigger!

Chislehurst Caves are great – I really enjoyed them. There were only two downsides…

The first, for me, was that I really wanted to go off and explore all of this fascinating place!

The second, for Millie, was that she was rather scared by this fascinating place.

Shame on me, it took a good ten minutes before I looked down and noticed she was scared.  I thought she was just ‘nuffling the toy she brought along.  Then I noticed she was really ’nuffling, so I bent down to ask if she was OK to which she replied, in a quavery little voice, “I’m frightened.”

Pic by R Kelly

Again – shame on me, I should have realised. We were wandering around deep underground with only oil lanterns to light our way (seriously!), shadows flickering, strange shapes everywhere, a guide mentioning ghosts every two minutes (admittedly with the proviso that there’s no such thing, but he would keep on and on about spookiness and noises and strange events and so on…)

So I picked up Millie and carried her confidently around with me for a bit to prove that there was nothing to be scared of and that Daddy certainly wasn’t fazed by supernatural subterranean shenanigans.

At one point the guide pointed out a dark tunnel ahead that was particularly haunted – if, as he then pointed out, you believe in such nonsense – and asked who was going to go first.

I strode confidently forward with a vaguely protesting Millie in my arms, only stopping upon realising that because I was carrying Millie I didn’t have a lantern to see with!  Doh!

So, anyway, I thoroughly recomend Chislehurst Caves.

The next day was Millie’s sixth birthday party for her friends (Six! Millie is six years old!) – of which there are many pictures here.  Millie invited ten friends, a mix of boys and girls, and we did an hour of party games and food before handing over to the professionals – a brilliant children’s entertainer called Dizzy Lolly for the second hour.

Seriously, she was great – if you need a children’s entertainer in Kent or London then the Bexley Carters highly recommend Dizzy Lolly. 🙂

I’d love to write some more here about the party and my anthropological observations of young children in their natural habitat (i.e., surrounded by clowns, balloons and crisps) but work aren’t paying me for that (at this particular moment they’re supposedly paying me to write an article about competency-based interviewing).

Suffice it to say that –

  1. small children – especially girls – seem to have a bizarre compulsion to show their knickers off at parties
  2. both our children, I’m pleased to say, seem to be better behaved than average.


Now, what was I saying about competency-based interviewing…?

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