New news

Some late-breaking good news: our roving sports correspondent the Lovely Melanie has just informed me that Millie’s team has won her school sports day. Yay!  Go…er…Millie’s team!

Millie’s personal contribution to this victory was in the egg-and-spoon race. No word yet whether she triumphed in that event or not…

Our roving correspondent has described the scene as like Chariots Of Fire – but without the chariots.

Or the fire.

I’m assured it did have eggs and spoons, however, and that there is some footage of this seminal event.  I’ll try to post that here ASAP.

In slightly less positive news, I’m looking at getting some counselling to help me to better come to terms with Trev’s death.  It’s a decision I’ve only made today, but recently I’ve been impatient and liable to shout at the girls, not to mention snappy and mean with the Lovely Melanie; and this simply won’t do.

So, I’m looking into some counselling sessions to help me get a grip on my grief.

I had thought I was doing OK with it – that it was under control, and consciously I think it is.  But then there’s the unconscious, which has its own rules and its own way of doing things.

Like most of us, I’m powerless against my own unconscious.  I don’t understand it and am utterly unable to control it (which, I suppose, is rather the textbook definition of the unconscious).  Sometimes – like today, for instance – for no apparent reason everything just seems a bit hopeless and a bit of a struggle, which translates into me being mean, shouty and impatient with the people I love.

Talking about it with someone can’t do any harm, I figure, and might just do some good, so I’m going to give it a go.

I’ve contacted both my GP and CRUSE for advice on what to do next, but have also had lots of advice and good luck messages on Facebook, which have already lifted my spirits.

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