The future…

This morning Amber & Millie somehow got talking about what things will be like when they’re grown up.

To get all science fiction nerdy just for a moment, it perfectly summed up the problems of writing science fiction – that the future is unpredictable because you can only extrapolate from what you already know, i.e., the present.  So their idea of what things will be like when they’re grown-up was…unusual.

Amber got bored of the game after a while, but Millie just kept on going, coming out with endless predictions of what life would be like when she was older.

  • They’ll both have babies (both of which will be girls) and will live in a big house together.
  • Millie will change her name to Millie Molly Mandy and Amber to Amber Grace Carter (yes, I know, that’s already her name).
  • They will live in Australia next door to Auntie Kristine and by the sea.
  • They will both have cars – Amber’s will be pink and Millie’s will be pink and another colour (she never properly decided which).
  • Their house will have three floors with a fireman’s pole, a lift and trampolines to get up and down.
  • It will have four bedrooms – one for Amber, one for Millie and one for each of their babies.
  • Millie’s bedroom will have mirrored walls and a pink door.
  • Both the interior and exterior will be painted in painfully bright colours.
  • There will be at least one secret passage.
  • It will have rabbits.

Amber did get a bit bogged down in listing what you need in order to live in a house – Toilet! Garden! Ceilings! Plates! Stairs! Bannister! – but it was wonderful to hear them talking about their future together and to realise what they think grown-up life is like…



  1. Thats absolutely made my day, week, month….hell my year to hear they would even dream up coming to live near their Auntie Kristine in Australia 🙂
    Im always worrid they will forget who I am, so its so nice to know Im in their thoughts.
    Thanks for posting this Stu….
    Auntie Kristine aka Frip

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Kris.
    We make a point of bringing your name up in conversation – the same as we do with Trev – just to ensure that neither of you are forgotten.

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