It’s Thursday, doo-be-doo…

And that’s about the extent of our news this week.

Millie had her International Song Festival yesterday – the bi-annual counterpart to the International Dance Festival which I attended last year.

Good grief, is it really a year since I was unemployed…?

Ahem, anyway – sadly, neither the Lovely Melanie nor I could make it to the Song Festival this year, which we both felt rather bad about.  I tried to get Millie to sing me her song (something about Jamaica) but she refused, pleading complete lyrical amnesia as an excuse.

Rumour has it that Year 4 sang some Bob Marley songs, which Millie found hilarious.  It would have been even more hilarious if the song was Gruffalo Soldier. 🙂

And that’s about it.  I’m feeling a bit better than last week – a lot of the incendiary rage has drained out of me, which is a relief.  But I’m still far from my usual self. Work, in particular, is still proving to be a struggle.  I had an annual review a few days ago in which I was more honest than usual in these things, telling my boss that, basically, I had no particular desire to advance in the company as I enjoy writing for a living and don’t enjoy managing or chasing people or organising stuff.

Which is true.  However, the Lovely Melanie was horrified by my honesty, although, my boss seemed quite unfazed by this outburst of apathy.  Surely for them it’s a good thing as they don’t have to worry about losing the company’s lone copywriter?

Anyway, I’m seeing my GP tomorrow; let’s hope he can offer some help…


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