Congratulations all round!

Congratulations to Millie, whose school report on Friday was superb.  The report begins “It has been a pleasure to have Millie in our class this year…” and gets better from there. 😀

And in all of her subjects she’s doing well.  We know that Millie’s a clever and delightful little thing, but it’s always nice to get some outside confirmation on this sort of thing, since as her parents we’re inevitably biased…

Congratulations to us, for walking eight kilometres yesterday on the CRY London Bridges Walk. Eight kilometres was farther than we had expected, to be honest, especially pushing carrying a buggy/children up and down many many steps.  Things were helped even less by some schizophrenic weather – one minute beautiful sunshine, the next torrential downpours!  However, we did finish the full eight kilometres, I’m proud to say – in fact, we did more than eight kilometres: having failed to read the route properly we also crossed a “bonus” bridge – Southwark Bridge (twice – because we had to come back over it, too!)

It was a fun day out for everyone, I think, but we were all very glad to eventually reach the finish line – and just seconds before the heavens opened yet again.  Phew.

And finally, congratulations to you for helping us to raise almost £1,700 in sponsorship!  That’s a remarkable figure and I’m quite choked up just thinking about the wonderful generosity of so many people.  Thank you!

And not to forget the generosity of my beautiful wife who gave up her birthday yesterday in order to raise money for Trev’s memory.

Happy birthday, my love! XxX



  1. congratulations! I feel your pain on the carrying the buggy thing – I once did a 35 mile bike ride for charity over the Thames Bridges; which of course involved either riding the steep hills of the bridges, or hoiking the bike up on my back for the steps!
    Well done on the money raised too! What a lovely bunch you are!

  2. Thank you, Mel! I didn’t think 8k sounded far or hard, but with children and buggy and rain it felt like a LOT further.
    35 miles sounds more like attempted suicide to me!

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