Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters have taken Millie away with them!  She and her friends have their first proper craze, it would seem – comparing, trading and collecting these trading cards.  It’s another sign that our little girl is growing up.  She now has hobbies and interests that we have nothing to do with.

Which is not to say that Millie wouldn’t like us to have something to do with them:

This morning, trying to get them both ready for school, Millie just would not stop talking about her collection of 11 Moshi Monster cards:

  • I was cleaning my teeth and she was trying to get me to look at one she was going to trade.
  • I was making breakfast and she kept calling me over to see which one she was giving to Amber.
  • I was putting their coats on and she kept stopping to explain the difference between a “shiny” and a “rainbow shiny”.
  • Whatever we were doing we had to regularly stop to find a card that had been lost.

Bless her, she’s clearly blown away by the whole idea of trading and collecting – I vaguely remember something similar when I was younger – and it’s fascinating to watch her development as a human being distinct from us, her parents.  She’s been reliant on us for six years now, so seeing her spreading her wings (even if only in relation to trading cards) is a big step.  Moshi Monsters is her thing, and if she asks a question about them I almost certainly don’t know the answer – in fact, I may not even understand the question! This is a most unusual development in our house; where we’ve always encouraged both girls to ask questions and (if it’s after 6.30am) to expect proper, attentive answers from us.

But regardless of these wonders, first thing in the morning the only thing I’m really interested in is getting people, up, dressed, fed and to the places they should be; the intricacies of Moshi Monsters are oh-so very far down my list of priorities.


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