The Lovely Melanie has tried to cheer me up a bit by pointing out that this morning was the last morning for six weeks that I had to single-handedly get two children up, fed, dressed, washed and to school or nursery, before heaving my own palpitating, sweating self into work.

Because from tomorrow (Thursday) the Lovely Melanie is home, so there’s no nursery for Amber; and next week is the start of the school holidays, the bit of the year when all the manic pressure slackens off a bit.  I may have to get Amber to nursery and then myself to work some days, but that’s as difficult as it’s going to get.

Last year we were panicking how to manage all the childcare over the holidays, but this year…we’ve done it before.  We know it can be done. 🙂

No childrenAnd from Saturday the girls are away with my parents, which means the Lovely Melanie and I can go out in the evenings together.  On Sunday, we can even lie in bed reading the papers till midday – just like we used to! – then knock up a Full English followed, if we feel like it, by a non-Disney DVD accompanied by some really nice chocolate…

Aagh, the decadence of it all!

(a nice, responsible post about how fast a year has gone by and how grown-up Millie now is may follow in due course…it depends how, ahem, busy I am this weekend)


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