Life in Year 1


It’s the last day of term for Millie – and her last day in Year 1 – so I thought I’d share this piece of her work with you.

It details the highs and lows, the dramas and triumphs, the ins and outs of life in Year 1.

I particularly like the self-portrait near the top. Last night saw me feeling pretty down once again about Trev, but seeing a smiling purple Millie having an obviously grand day out cheered me up no end.

Hopefully this is how she feels most of the time.  She’s only just six so I would hate to think that she’s anything other than happy and amazed at the wonder of the world around her.

She got a certificate for reading out this slice of Year 1 life in assembly, too, so I wasn’t only person who liked it. 🙂

The rumour in her class at the moment is that her Year 2 teacher is very strict.  I had a chat with her about this the other day, reminiscing that my second teacher, in Class 2 at Haydon Wick School, 1978-9, was Mrs Simmonds.  She also had a reputation for being very strict, too.  Quite how she got this reputation I don’t remember; however, it turned out she was fine.

Hmm, wait – was it Class 2 or Class 4?

I was in Class 1 with Mrs Habitch(?) for two years and then went straight to Class 4, I think… Umm…

Anyway, my time with Mrs Simmonds was absolutely fine – despite her slightly more old-school approach to teaching.  She gave me and three other kids “the ruler” once (a smack across the palm of the hand with a ruler).  I recall it hurt a bit, but the surprise at getting such a completely unexpected punishment has stayed with me more.  What was it for?  I have no idea.  Did it teach me a lesson?  No, it just gave me a smidgen of “street-cred” (or “hard-ness” as we called it then) for a about a day.

That was the 1970s for you – a lot of brown and a little bit barbaric.

Sorry, I’m meandering a bit – anything rather than read more about “Employer Branding”. 😦


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