Coroner’s report

Feeling a bit shaky just at the moment, having been reading the coroner’s report on Trev.

It’s not something I ever expected to be doing – reading Trev’s coroner’s report.

It’s mostly in medicalese, but I think I can understand most of it; and what it says is that there was nothing wrong with Trev.

I’m reading the report because Monday is the day of the final inquest into his death.  It’s over in Bristol so I wasn’t planning to go originally, but then had a think about it.  And what I thought was that since Conny and my parents are going it might be good to get some closure on Trev’s death for myself, as well as being there to support them on the day.

I’m feeling more positive this week so might be capable of offering some support.

Plus, as his big brother I want to be there, I want to see this through to the end so I can say that I was always there for Trev – even when it no longer really mattered to him.


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