A grand day out

Following on from yesterday’s unpleasant anniversary, it would have been my Nan’s birthday tomorrow.  2011 really does seem to be a year that we survive rather than enjoy.

Fortunately, we (that is, the Bexley Carters) went for a lovely walk and a picnic yesterday in local beauty spot Joydens Wood.  We’ve been there before, but as the girls get older and able to walk for longer – not to mention more interested in what’s around them – these walks are becoming more of an exploration of the woods. And there’s not much I enjoy more than exploring.  It’s an interest I’m trying to inculcate in the girls: to make sure they don’t grow up scared of lonely places or wildlife or being very very slightly lost.

As you can see, we had a lovely picnic far from the madding crowd and the girls – Millie, in particular – poked and prodded things, discovered some ruins and followed Faesten Dyke for a little while before losing interest in it (to be fair, it is mostly just a long depression in the ground).  Millie took the lead for most of our expedition and kept proudly declaring that she was the leader.

It was , in every sense of the word, a grand day out. 🙂

More pictures here.

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