Amber’s been disarming us with some heavy cuteness this week – which is just as well because in previous weeks she’d been rather hard going: refusing to do what she was told, saying “No” to everything and continually testing her boundaries.

But no, this week has been much better.  The Lovely Melanie took her to nursery Monday, which Amber didn’t like, having had a week off.  When they got home she confessed that sometimes she had a little cry at nursery.  When the Lovely Melanie – already putty in Amber’s hands – asked why she was told “Because I miss Mummy.

Nice work, Amby! 😉

But then she got me last night, too, by choosing one of the books I wrote (Millie & Amber and the Robot Treasure) as her bedtime story and knowing the story so well we almost read along together!

It’s nice to know that the girls genuinely do love the books I write (and draw!) for them each Christmas.  They may not be the biggest or most expensive gift in their stockings, but they are made with the most love and care.  And I don’t mind that over Christmas they don’t receive much attention compared to the bigger, flashier new toys.  But I am gratified to see that their appeal lasts longer.

Amber was laughing happily as we read the story, and it was one of those moments where you once again remember why you had children, how much they mean to you, and how much poorer your life would be without them. 🙂

Tonight (it’s Friday) I’m going to New Cross for a chat about death.

Not with my counsellor (I saw him on Wednesday this week) but with an old friend who recently lost someone very close to him.  We’re going to sit down for a drink, get some stuff off our chests and talk about our experiences of death (which are both quite different).

It might not sound like a recipe for a great Friday night, but I’m looking forward to being able to share our experiences and to help an old friend who’s trailing me by a few months in the grieving process.  It might not be fun but it should be good.


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