Crazy riots across London tonight – it’s almost unbelievable watching them unfold on the BBC and Facebook, popping up across London (and apparently elsewhere) faster than the news can keep up.

The usual Tory politicians are rolling out the usual knee-jerk nonsense about the rioters being mindless and only out to smash.  There’s not a single attempt to understand or explain what might be causing so many people to suddenly come out onto the streets angry and ready to fight.

I’m not condoning people getting hurt and rendered homeless.  What I am saying is that calling it “mindless violence” and “thuggery” is a very convenient and lazy explanation, one that will suit many right-wing agendas all too nicely.

Calling it that means they can simply dismiss the fierce anger and frustration in evidence out there tonight by denying that there’s any reason for it.  By labelling it simply as mindless they can point the finger of blame at the people rioting and use it as an excuse to wash their hands of them.

Very bloody convenient.


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