Normal service and all that…

It’s holiday ground zero!  We’re packed and ready; the girls are already up and we’ve just heard Amby say I can’t wait to see our caravan!  Millie apparently told the Lovely Melanie three times yesterday that she couldn’t believe we’re really going on holiday.

Even I am looking forward to getting away for a week – even I!  And really hoping that it’s a relaxing holiday where we get a chance to unwind, read and laugh – to catch our breath a little after the hurly-burly of the last few months…

I may blog a little here, depending on what the data connection’s like in Christchurch…

One comment

  1. my Grandparents live in Christchurch, so that was where we holidayed every year when i was young, love Mudeford Quays 🙂 Hope you have a great time!


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