The weekend

We’ve just spent a weekend in Swindon.  Which was nice.

No, really, it was.  As much as I don’t want to live in Swindon (19 years spent growing up there was enough for me, thanks) I never fail to enjoy a visit to the old place.

Millin & Me
Mr Millin & Me

This time we had to go back to return my parents’ car, which they generously lent to us for our holiday (thank you very much for that, Mum and Dad).  But whilst there we had the chance to say goodbye to Rich Millin, an old old friend of Trev’s and also of mine, too.  Rich is emigrating to Germany today so his band, The Dacoits (who we only saw a few weeks earlier) played a farewell gig that was packed with old friends and acquaintances who we hadn’t seen for far too long.

I spent most of the night with a big grin on my face catching up with people – or promising to catch up with people soon, or simply admitting that it would be great to catch up soon but that it was fairly unlikely to happen.  Apologies to anyone in that final category. 😦

My parents had to leave early on Sunday morning – visiting Cambridge before going to nearby Papworth for a check-up on the state of my Dad’s transplanted heart.  Which left us to have a delightfully laid-back lunch with my brother and his family and Conny.

Having just written that list of people there I’m suddenly aware how “and Conny” seems to be left hanging there on its own… 😦

But it was a rare treat to have my  – what do you call it?  My generation of family, perhaps?  Yes, let’s call it that – it was a rare treat to have my generation of family all together to just chat, eat, laugh and, of course, remember.

But it was a happy affair for the most part because, as I’ve said before, I really do enjoy spending time with my family.  I was going to say “more than ever since Trev died,” but that wouldn’t be true.  It was always a pleasure when Trev was alive and it remains a pleasure now…we just have a better appreciation of how fortunate we are to have these times.

Bloody hell, I’ve just realised that there hasn’t been a proper blog entry about our holiday in Dorset yet either.  There probably won’t be one now, sadly – it’s been left a little too late and I don’t have the time.  I will say that it was one of the best holidays I’ve had in recent years.  Partly because the girls are a bit older and able to look after themselves to some degree, but also…well, it just was.

One more thing to add is that our household now owns a tablet computer, a Samsung Galaxy 10.1.  We can’t really afford one, but the girls love it to the point where the Lovely Melanie is already rationing access to it.

Tablet computers, I’m already convinced, are definitely part of the way forward.


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