Millie’s dream

Millie has asked me to tell you that she had a dream last night.  She actually asked me to report it on Facebook, but I explained that this blog was probably the more appropriate place for such important Carter news.

I don’t know where she heard about Facebook from – we haven’t talked about such things with her very much – but she asked me to explain what Facebook was this morning. So I did.

Anyway, back to Millie’s dream.

This is the first time she’s properly mentioned having dreams, and certainly the first time she’s wanted to talk about it and tell us what happened.

MaleficentBasically, it seems to have involved various family members being at Trev’s grave – Conny was mentioned, as was my niece, Izzy (apparently she crawled off towards another grave) .  And just as it was starting to sound a bit morbid who should pop up but Maleficent – the witch from Sleeping Beauty!

Discussing it with Millie, I’m pleased to say she didn’t think there was anything sad or wrong about her dream.  In Swindon over the weekend we went to see Trev and made some flowers on his grave out of shells collected for that very purpose while we were on holiday; we also saw Izzy, too, all of which rather neatly explains the elements of Millie’s dream.

A dream of ours – that Amber would start behaving a bit better – has also come true.  She seems to be over last month’s phase of saying “No” to everything, and with a defiant glint in her eye, to boot.

No, the new Amber is a pleasure to be around and very generous with her attention, laughter and cuddles.  She particularly enjoys playing Diversion on the Galaxy Tab at the moment – and laughing uproariously when she loses.

Unlike her sister, who gets increasingly frustrated when the game keeps beating her.  She gets that off her dad, I’m afraid.

Even mornings have been good since we went back to school.  Pre-summer holidays the school run was a source of much stress (and sweat), but currently everyone’s waking up in a pretty good mood and being very helpful.

It’s not all sweetness and light – Millie was fined 2p this morning for arguing and shouting (“fined” as part of the Lovely Melanie’s new behavioral plan whereby the girls are promised a fixed amount of pocket money and lose 2p increments each time they are naughty, the losses being recorded on a wall chart).  But we seem to have been laughing a great deal more.  Millie accidentally put her bowl and spoon in the bin this morning instead of in the sink, and everyone laughed at that for a good couple of minutes. 🙂

However, it did take ten frustrating minutes trying to decipher the word “still” in her book after dropping Amber at nursery.  It was a stupid thing to get cross over because Millie’s reading is coming on in leaps and bounds and “still” is not a word that should fox her, not when she can read words like “beautiful” and “suddenly” without any problems.

Still – ahem – we got there in the end.


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