A sort of fame

Millie & Amber’s Auntie Kristine emailed from Australia today to tell us that the girls have achieved a smidgin of fame over there.

Millie and Amber, licensed to partyKris works at a hotel in Australia organising, erm… stuff.

Anyway, the “stuff” this week included some kind of conference or other, and Kris had to loan the General Manager her laptop for a big presentation.  So for a good ten minutes while it loaded, everyone was treated to the wallpaper on her laptop – which is this picture of the girls.

Imagine that six feet high and in your face for ten whole minutes! 🙂

I tried to explain to the girls that they were a tiny bit famous now in Australia, but they were unimpressed.

Australia is a long way away, I suppose…


One comment

  1. I work in a Country Club and I organise weddings Stu….just to erm, enlighten you?! 😉

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