The heat is on

Indian SummerWe’re in the middle of bona fide Indian Summer at the moment, which means I have to check the girls at night to see that they’re not drenched in sweat beneath the bedcovers.

Amber, in particular, is prone to this – I’ve found her literally dripping before, hair plastered to her pink face as she huddles under her covers.

I sometimes – and this is slightly gross – have to have a surreptitious sniff of her when I pick her up, just in case it’s wee.  She’s that wet.

But it’s nice to get a surreptitious whiff of your sleeping children – you don’t often get the chance when they’re awake; and there’s something about the smell of your children.  Amber and Millie both smell different, but not too different.  If you were to blindfold me and let me smell them I could easily tell you which one was in front of me. 🙂

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