More Indian Summer

The Indian Summer continues, with new October temperature records being set almost every day…

We’ve been out in the garden for most of the day, with water pistols and the big new inflatable paddling pool out for girls to play in – although, the water’s pretty chilly so only Millie has really been properly taking advantage of that. Here’s a slightly creepy bit of video of the girls exhorting me to come a little bit closer (so we can shoot you with our water pistols!)

Millie is naked, as you can probably see, and has been naked for most of the weekend, running about the garden and the house like a little Mowgli child.

Strange how she’s quite happy to run around naked – even in front of our friends Nik and Liz (who spent a delightful Saturday afternoon and evening round at ours) – whereas Amber will always maintain decorum by wearing a swimming costume, even when there’s only us there.

There was an unfortunate incident with the paddling pool, however, when the Lovely Melanie sat in one of our crappy garden chairs and one of the legs shattered, piercing the inflatable pool.

I wondered what had happened at first, since from listening to Millie and Amber’s hysterical screams and wails I assumed a pack of hungry wild wolves had invaded the garden.  But no, it was just a broken garden chair and a slowly deflating inflatable paddling pool.

The Lovely Melanie cooked us all a delicious family lunch again, too.  A meat pie with mash potatoes followed by chocolate cheesecake.  It was all delicious, but there’s bloody loads of it – so if you fancy some home-made meat pie or chocolate cheesecake then do please pop by…


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