Three things (+1)

Three things you need to know:

Millie Carter, Amber Carter, Dylan McGlone and Fergus McGlone on the sofa

  1. Millie has a loose tooth. It’s at the bottom front, slightly to your right as you look at her.
  2. We’ve had a lovely weekend at home thanks to old friends the McGlones and their two boys, who came to visit.  Here’s a picture of them watching The Return Of The Jedi this afternoon.
  3. I was off work with a sort-of-flu on Friday – no snot or coughing, just a raging temperature, sweats and feeling like a very old person. 😦  Thanks to Lemsip Cold & Flu and a bit of good luck I had rallied somewhat by Friday night. 🙂

Um, yeah, that is all.  For now.

Actually, you know what?  Let’s have a fourth thing: I discovered a band called Remember Remember last Friday and have been playing their music non-stop ever since.  Their new album, The Quickening, is awe-inspiring; sounding like a more classically-inclined Tortoise (probably thanks to the xylophones and glockenspiels and stuff).

Lips Click on the play button to hear Lips, from an earlier EP of theirs.

This will whisk you off to an old-fashioned MySpace page, but don’t be scared – that’s supposed to happen.


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