Creative Carters

The Bexley Carters have been busy this week – our creative juices flowing like, erm…  Well, let’s leave that rather distasteful image behind and get on with what we’ve been doing, eh?

Amber has achieved a lifetime ambition (she is only three – give her a break!) and made a model to match the one Millie produced with Grampy a couple of months back.

Amber's model next to Millie's model

As you can see, it’s got a definite ’80s thing going on, and despite wearing not one but two ties is not a man.

Way to go to bust gender stereotypes, Amby!

The ties are, and I quote: to keep her dress from falling down.  A very real hazard, I’m sure you’ll agree, ladies!

For my part, I’ve been creative in a very different idiom – that of mobile phone ROM flashing.

Yes, it is as geekily fascinating as it sounds.

I flashed the ROM of my beloved Galaxy S2 to Litening a few weeks back; it’s a slightly risky procedure but went so well that I thought I might try the very popular CyanogenMod 7 ROM.

Sadly, CyanogenMod 7 seems to have some issues with the lockscreen, so I’ve flashed back to the more reliable and slightly more visually attractive Litening.  Both times I’ve had to reinstall all my apps and settings, and I’m now a bit tired of reinstalling apps and settings so I’ll probably leave the ROM flashing field for a while now.

In some genuine creativity at work this week I not only managed to write and post a serious business blog post with the title of SAS to help Pirates! (Arrrrr!) but also slipped a quote from seminal science fiction author Isaac Asimov into a Serious Business Magazine article I wrote (for my big boss, I should add – he gets all the credit for these).

Yep, even the dry business of the future of recruitment outsourcing can be turned to the uses of science fiction!

The Serious Business Magazine do seem to like this kind of thing, however – they rang today to ask me my big boss to write a much longer editorial piece for their next issue!


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