Never to be seen

We’ve just had some lovely pictures of Hooby – sorry, Amber – through from a photographer at her nursery (I’ll try and get a photo of one and post it on here).

Looking at them, you could see she’s a little girl now, not a toddler anymore, and I was fascinated to think what she’ll look when she’s older.  She’s still enough of a baby that, just as with Millie, it’s hard to tell yet what she’ll look like.

And then, of course, I got a bit sad thinking that Trev will never get to see her all grown up and beautiful.

I would usually have thought the same about Millie, too, but she’s in the doghouse tonight for an hysterical tantrum that lasted (I’m told) the best part of an hour.  It resulted in her dinner going in the bin, losing all her pocket money and eventually having ’nuffle confiscated – the DefCon One of threats, the one that even tops being shut in her room!

And I can see Trev’s face now if he’d been here: rueful, disapproving – but laughing afterwards, with just a hint of admiration at such a tremendous fury.

Amber, too, apparently looked on wide-eyed at Millie’s tantrum, in awe of the energy and dedication and sheer bloody-mindedness that such a tantrum demands.


  1. Oooo Auntie Kristine would love some up to date pictures of both the girls for Christmas! I only have Dec 2011 photos up and Millies professional school photo by my bed from about 2 years ago I think!

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