The Amazing Tale of How Amber Visited My Work

Amber visited my work yesterday.  Not a great deal to report about it, really. The girls both came to visit me with the Lovely Melanie when I worked at Yahoo!, and we would occasionally use the Yahoo! offices to eat lunch, change nappies and empty bladders when in town at the weekend!

This was rather different.  I never actually thought they’d come and see where I work now (an IT recruitment company in Farringdon), mostly because there’s very little in Farringdon to attract me, let alone a small child.  But our old friends Martin & Rebecca are over from California for a week and we wanted to meet up with them for lunch.

Sadly, my lunch hour is literally an lunch hour these days, so it had to be in Farringdon.  We made the best of it by meeting at Little Bay, which was nice.  It’s very reasonably-priced food, tasty – and the restaurant is decorated in a style that I think of as primitive shiny, so Amber loved it.

It was nice to see Martin & Rebecca again (it’s been a good three years since we saw Rebecca, although I managed to see Martin last October) but by the time I’d wolfed down my food it was time to get back to work.  However, we’d promised Amber she could see where I work (although that morning when asked “Are you coming to see where Daddy works?” she’d replied, simply, “No”) so I put her on my shoulders, marched quick-sharp down the hill and gave her a lightning tour of my work.

“This is reception (“Hello!”); this is the old-fashioned goods lift (“Ooh, you can see the wall going past!”); this is my desk (“Hello!”), and this is the canteen (“Hello! Thank you for the apple and the dried fruit!”)

Then I had to whisk the girl, even more quick-sharp, back up the hill to Little Bay where the Lovely Melanie, Martin and Rebecca were all awaiting her return.

The Lovely Melanie tells me that Amber was fascinated most by the picture of her and Millie that I have on my desk (we’re not supposed to have photos or anything similar on our desks, but sod that).  She’s such a solipsist!

Everybody duly commented how cute Amber is and how small she is; Amber, for her part, was surprisingly “chatty” – saying hello and goodbye, and her name when asked – except with my boss, for whom she completely clammed up (Yeah!  Sticking it to The Man, Amby-style!)

And that is the Amazing Tale Of How Amber Visited My Work.



  1. I remember going in to work with my ol’ man when I was little, he worked in a Garden Centre (many many years ago before he became what he wanted to become when he grew up, he sold conservatories.) There was a little childrens tree house (for sale, not use) that I used to sit in and eat my packed lunch, and declare to any other children that came near that it was my daddies and they couldn’t come in.

  2. They have an absolutely brilliant “clear desk” policy – supposedly no photos, paperwork, no *anything* left out on your desk.
    My desk is covered in paperwork, chewing gum, pens and books.
    And my pics of the girls. 🙂

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