Ooohh… 😦

Keep Warm With...The Warm DigitsGroggy and bumping into things a lot today.  I went to see Warm Digits play in London’s trendy Hoxton last night (at The Old Blue Last) and they were brilliant – hard to believe that just two people can make such a danceable noise, particularly since one of them was “only” drumming!

On the plus side, the gig was free – which is almost unheard of these days.

On the minus side, we arrived at the Old Blue Last at eight o’clock only to find that the Warm Digits weren’t on until 10.30 – which meant I had to leave before the end to catch my train home.

That two and a half hour wait also explains this morning’s hangover.

Fortunately, it’s half-term, so the girls are with Grandma and Granddad in Hatfield.  This morning would have been grim if I’d been hungover and in charge of little people.

That said, they can’t come home soon enough for me.  Sometimes I enjoy them being away a little bit more than I really should, but this time it’ll be a pleasure to get them back – our house has been a bit too quiet.


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