Wilkinson’s Fantasia

A nice little story from the Lovely Melanie – she took the girls to Bexleyheath for story time at the library (which was itself, I’m told, a wonderful thing).  But they also visited Wilkinson’s there to buy a couple of things.

In a corner of the store Millie saw a witches’ broom that had been left against a wall; interested, she went to touch it…

Whereupon it apparently sprang into life, giving an evil cackle and moving about of its own accord!

It is almost Halloween, and this broom turned out to be one of Wilkinson’s many toys for that – a witches’ broom that, when poked, will move about and cackle like a witch.

The Lovely Melanie says that she was watching Millie as this happened and for just half a second there was real fear in her eyes – until she realised what it was and laughed at the broom and at herself!

Fantasia broom

Amber, of course, would’ve needed a clean pair of pants.  But Millie?  No, she just laughed. 😀

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