Amber and the Big Society

Amber has been out on the streets of Bexley putting David Cameron’s smokescreen concept of the Big Society to the test.

In Sidcup yesterday youths from the local performing arts college were smoking ostentatiously at the bus stop – holding their cigarettes in strange, contorted fashion, blowing smoke from the sides of their mouths – that kind of thing.

Amber was apparently mesmerised by them.  However, upon finishing their performance cigarettes the youths flicked the butts across the pavement onto the floor.

Amber looked at them, looked at the butts, then back at the youths, before climbing down from her seat and walking urgently over to where the discarded butts still smouldered.

Her investigation of the butts concluded she locked eyes with the perpetrators and shouted out, “Mummy!  Those people just threw their rubbish on the floor!“, leaving them mortified, their smoking cool absolutely blown forever more.*



* – probably


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