Running home and slamming the door

Well, actually no apologies for the five days of silence here.  It’s been a hard few days again, despite having my parents and Conny to visit, coupled with a Saturday night spent dancing my little heart out…

And thank you for all the messages of support both by email and Facebook, they’ve all been more helpful than you will ever know.

But I’m dealing with some stuff at the moment that – just for once – I’d prefer not to talk about on here.  Previously, it would have been manageable, but the whole thing with Trev’s death has sapped my usual ability to see the best in things; to keep calm and carry on, which is why (perhaps) I’m feeling so down at the moment.  In fact, not just “down” but scared and anxious, to the point where my natural instinct is to run home and shut the door (literally).

Like I say, I’m fighting this as hard as I can, but seem to have been fighting for an awfully long time.  Somehow, somewhere there’s a way out of this, and eventually I’ll look back and be amazed at how much I learned.  Hopefully sometime soon.

Fortunately, the Lovely Melanie has been absolutely brilliant with me: a calm, consoling rock of a presence – patient and understanding.  And the girls just this morning both refused to get dressed until they’d told me I was the best “Diddy” ever and given me a massive three-way hug.

Thank you, girls – your Dad loves you very very much.

That is the kind of thing that keeps me from running home and slamming the door.



  1. Lots of love Stuart. Alwayz xxx Keep focused on your 3 girls and take one day at a time. We’re all wid’ya. xxxxx

  2. What else are families for? They keep you sane and they keep the warmth in your heart when all else is failing. As long as you have that kind of love and adoration the days will keep getting brighter until one day you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.
    Chin up!

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