Nice to be wanted

Amber had to come and sleep in our bed last night – the poor thing woke up at about 2am in a screaming panic that scared the living daylights out of us for a few seconds!

She was breathing hard, shaking and sobbing – presumably from a very unpleasant nightmare.  And even when we tucked her up under the covers with us she insisted on holding my hand until she eventually fell back to sleep…

Then, when the Lovely Melanie was leaving for work at 5.30, Millie woke up and got upset; so she ended up coming in with myself and Amber, too.  Normally, this is a recipe for disaster, with arguments about “she’s kicking me,” and “stop poking me” but this morning they were both out like a light.  I almost felt bad at having to wake them both up at 6.45…

Both girls are a bit “clingy” at the moment, though.  And not in a silly way, but in rather a cute way that boosts my parenting esteem no end.

It’s always nice to be wanted, I guess. 🙂


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