Get dressed!

This morning, approximately 6.50am

ME: Time to get dressed, Amb.

AMBER: What shall I wear on my legs?

ME: It’s going to be chilly-willy today, so trousers – jeans.


This morning, approximately 6.55am

ME: Amb, why are you naked. Can you get dressed, please? Thank you.

This morning, approximately 7am

ME: Amber, why have you got a skirt on?  I said trousers.

This morning, approximately 7.05am

ME: Amber!  Why are you naked again!  Get dressed!

MILLIE: I’m dressed.

ME: Thank goodness someone is.

This morning, approximately 7.10am

ME: Amber, put some trousers on, for heaven’s sake!

This morning, approximately 7.15am

ME: Well done for getting dressed, Amb, but 25 minutes is much too long.

MILLIE: I was dressed first.

AMBER: No, you wasn’t!

ME: Sigh.

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