My schedule for this weekend?  Ah, thanks for asking.  Yeah, it’s a busy one: more like a military campaign than a weekend away.  The Lovely Melanie is not looking forward to it.

Tomorrow (Friday) I have to meet the girls at Charing Cross at 7pm.  We then have 48 minutes to get to Paddington station to catch the Swindon train.  I have to carry all my travel stuff, plus some stuff of the girls, to work with me tomorrow morning.

BaggageFriday night we’re spending at my parents – it’s a late night for the girls, but they’ll have precious little opportunity for rest (like they ever “rest” at Nanny & Grampy’s house!) because we have to drive to Bristol before Saturday lunchtime (in my parents’ car).

At Bristol we pretty much drop our things at the new house of our friends, Caroline and Justin, eat some lunch and then drive to Cardiff…

..to the house of my old friend from uni, Dr Nick Riviera Perham, his wife, Dr Helen – and their little boy, Luke – who we’ve not met before.

If things go according to plan we’ll have a couple of hours to catch up with them, then head for the outskirts of Cardiff to watch Conny (my sister-in-law) play Roller Derby.

Whenever that finishes, we drive back to Bristol and spend the night at Caroline & Justin’s house (thanks for having us, Caroline & Justin!)

Next morning we should have time for lunch with them and Conny before driving back to Swindon, swapping the car for a replacement bus service to Reading, then a train to Paddington, tube to London Bridge and one final train back to Albany Park.

See?  I said it was more like a military campaign!  Carter girls, ten-hut!



  1. that sounds horrendous. I’m down in London Town this weekend, and I was whinging about having to get a Megabus down there .. Friendly Fires, if they don’t cancel.

    Also .. cooooooool, Roller Derby!! I’ve just signed up for that, start in January! Perhaps one day i’ll be playing against Conny!

    Also also – I really want you to rename your friends baby Dr Luke.

    That is all.

  2. Can you simply call yourself “Dr”??
    Stupid question, “Dr” Gillian McKeith did and if ever anyone wasn’t a doctor it’s her!

    I’ll return with a report on roller derby Monday and let you know my informed opinion, one way or the other (although, what’s not to like – loads of sexy angry ladies in lycra going round and round in circles for my entertainment…!)

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